Book IRCTC TATKAL ticktes in 30 sec

we all know how difficult to get a confirmed ticket in TATKAL quota. All the available ticketsunder TATKAL quota will be booked with in minutes. If our network speed is low or typing speed is too bad then it is not a good idea to book a TATKAL ticket online, in these case go to railway booking center at early morning (Approx 4 A.M), be the person with in 10 digits(Token number) and get your tickets, other than this there is no choice we have.
But there are lots of paid services to get a TATKAL ticket.

Before i tell you the TRICK to Book IRCTC TATKAL tickets in 30 sec, Remember the following

  • Remember that the Tatkal online booking window opens one day in advance of your journey between 10 am and 12 pm. Therefore try the below said procedure at least 15 minutes before the time slot.
  • A person is allowed only 2 Tatkal tickets on a single user ID and if you require more than 2 you will need more IRCTC user ID’s.
  • Try to log in using multiple ID’s on a number of web browsers such as Chrome, Opera, Mozilla etc. Ask a friend to help if you cannot handle it alone.

Lets get started

book IRCTC Tatkal tickets in 30 sec
  1.  visit site
  2. click on Install Browser plugin
  3. After installing myrailinfo addon, click on the myrailinfo addon button.
  4. In that click on IRCTC Auto fill form
  5. In that form fill  all the columns and then press SAVE DATA button.
  6. Now open
  7. Automatically ‘User name’ & ‘password‘ will be appear in respective columns, just type the ‘Captcha’ then press CNTRL + M or click on Login Buton.Don’t press enter at any stage
  8. In ‘Plan My Travel’ page (next page after log in) all columns will be filled automatically
  9. At the time of TATKAL, it waits until booking is open (i..e., 10 AM for AC & 11 AM for SL)
  10. When booking is open just click CNTRL + M
  11. In next page all passenger information will be filled, enter the captcha and press CNTRL+M
  12. In the journey summary page enter the Captcha and click on ‘Make payment’ button.
  13. Goes to the payment gateway and remaining procedure is normal, selecting mobile number, entering OTP then submit.

Thats it your ticket is booked. You need to enter captcha in 3 stages ASAP to make it faster. Though the captcha automation techniques are available but these are highly costly.

Data entered (Passenger details, Bank details, every thing) in “Auto fill form” is completely secure. These data is stores only as cookies only. So you don’t have to worry for entering your personal details.
You may also use MAKKHI CHOOSE add-on for chrome for TATKAl booking. But it is limited to 3 times for free.

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