Irctc tatkal ticket booking trick

Today I am going describe a quick trick to book irctc tatkal ticket. Most of us make our long journey in train. But it is very difficult to reserve ticket if the date of trip is too close to booking day. In most case there will be no ticket. You may be probably put into waiting list. The next option is to take tatkal ticket. Tatkal ticket booking opens one day before the day of journey.

That is if you are planning to go on 18th then the tatkal ticket for that opens for booking at 8 am 17th. But it is also have very low probability to get ticket.  One reason for that is the online reservation system become slows with terrible traffic when tatkal reservation starts. Secondly there is only limited number of seats. Finally if booking page opens, you need to fill all the fields very fast. But it is hard for even experts. So if you type fast has greater probability to get ticket.

Here I am going to explain a trick that will help you to automatically fill booking form. Hence you can ensure ticket.

Step 1 – Downloading and install chrome extension

First you need to open your chrome browser. Then download extension called ‘Tatkal Ticket Autofill IRTC’ from chrome gallery. [Open Tatkal Ticket Autofill IRTC page in chrome gallery]. Inside the page you can see a light blue colour button ‘ADD To CHROME’. Press this button to start download

Once download complete it will automatically installed in chrome. Then close chrome and reopen or relaunch chrome. It is needed to reopen chrome for proper functioning of extension.

Step 2 – Type and save passenger details

Now open chrome browser. You can see icon of ‘Tatkal Ticket Autofill IRTC’ at top right side of chrome as in above image. Click that icon to open a passenger details page. This passenger details page has close resemblance of that in irctc passenger reservation system. Fill all the required fields and save it.

Step 3 – Booking ticket at irctc website

Now go to irctc website and open your account. Then choose to destination and source stations. It will automatically provide list of trains available. Choose the one that you are looking for. Then press book that appears in the new screen. It will automatically guide you to booking page. Now it’s the turn of ‘Tatkal Ticket Autofill IRTC’ extension. It will fill all the fields in booking page for you. Then you need to press Go button at bottom of screen and provide your bank transaction details to finish booking.

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